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There are five ways to learn about the business cycle in Avon:

1. Find Customers - You cannot grow your business without your customers, because they are our buyers and they are the ones who gives us earnings. In Avon we have what we called the power of 3. It is one system that keeps the steady flow of our customers. The idea is after finishing up one transaction to your customer, you ask her for three referals. It maybe her friends, officemates or relatives. Because of this system you will have a continous number of customers to visit to, and more customers means more earnings.

2. Present the Brochure - Avon has two brochures release every month. Book 1 is from day 1 until the 15th of the month, followed by book 2 from day 16 up to the end of the month. Our brochures will serves as our store. Through this we can be able to get orders form our customers. We have to learn about our brochures as well as the products inside each campaign. We should be familiar with the usage and benefits so that we can be more effective in selling our products to our customers. We should also be updated about the news and information with regards to changes and product increase happening in our business. Avon has all the trainings availbale for the franchise dealers so that we can learn more, enjoy more and have an unlimited income.

3. Pick up Order - After our customers placed their orders from us, we have to get it right away from the Avon branches where we belong. We have to get the products for them right away to avoid the unavailabilty of the stock from the branch as well as not to dissappoint our customers who are so excited to use the products that we offer for them.

4. Deliver and Collect - After we have gotten our purchases from Avon we can now deliver it to our valued customers. If they can pay you now after the delivery, much better remember CASH IS ALWAYS THE BEST DEAL. If not, try to practice asking for an initial payment from your clients. This way you can be assure that the purchases that you made before will be paid in time for your duedate or in advance so that you can continue purchasing because you were not short for your creditline. Most important of all, you can now enjoy your earnings because your customers paid their dues in time.

5. Remit Payment to Avon - After your clients payment, it is advised that you remit it right away to AVON to avoid administrative charges in paying your duedates late. And for those FD's who paid their dues in advance they will be awarded an advance payment coupon wherein you can win prizes. You can also request for an additional creditline increase depending on your performance in paying your duedate.

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