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Earning Opportunity

Avon entitles the franchise dealer of an automatic earnings of A.) 25% discount ( CBC earnings) for all the avon products she will purchase every visit. These includes product from all categories CFT, NCFT, BEYOND BEAUTY excluding ALLIANCES like Fila, Adidas, And1, Timex and Casio watches which gives the Franchise dealer an earnings of 10% only. Upon the attainment of more than one thousand combined purchases cumulative within the month, Fd's are entitled of an additional earnings ranging from B.) 5% up to 22.5% (FD earnings or up-front discount) depending on the total amount purchased made according to their product categories. Availment of earnings were automatically included in your purchases as it will be shown in your invoices upon each purchase. As each campaign period ends, all purchases made by each dealer during the whole month were summarized by the computer. This will enable the fd to learn of the total purchases made, total fd ratings they got vs. the total fd discounts they earned in peso. If it happens that an fd has to earned more from the amount she was awarded during each purchases, Avon will return the amount balance the fd is entitled to receive through her duedate payment. Meaning, if she is entitled of a P500 more earnings, Avon will adjust her next payables in her weekly duedate by P500 . This is the C.)Fd prompt payment discount. Therefore if you are a franchise dealer , you can earn three ways by joining AVON. You can earn more, you can learn more as long as you continue selling our world class product.

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