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A V O N The Leading Direct Selling Beauty Company
Avon is the No. 1 direct selling beauty company in the World. It operates in 145 countries with over 4 million dealers. It was started in 1886 in Suffern, New York. Originally its named was California Perfume Company by Mr. David McConnel.. He was a Chemist by profession. At that time, he was a book sales agent and visiting his clients from their house. He has this offer that whoever purchase a book , gets a free perfume sampler from him. His clients loves the "Rosewood" scents that he has created. And soon, his customer began to reorder books from him because they wanted to get the free sampler he was offering. Because of this, Mr. McConnel soon realize that since he was a chemist by profession, why not give it a try to concentrate on his perfume and offer it to his old clients.From then on, because of the continous patronage of his clients for the scents that he has succesfully made, he ask the help of Mrs. Poster Aames Albee, a housewife to do the house to house work for him. That made Mrs. Albee the first Avon lady at that time. And because of its success, the name California Perfume Company was changed into Avon, taken from the name of the street where Mr. William Shakespeare lives, Mc Connels favorite author.

In 1978, Avon penetrates the Philippines thru Beautyfont. CFT or Cosmetics, Fragrances and Toiletries are our main product then, and now. It was all manufactured here in the Philippines thru Aura Laboratories, but raw materials all came from New York to maintain the good quality of our products. And because of the great demands of our consumers, Avon Philippines decided to have our own manufacturing company to meet the volume needed of our branches that has been established all over the Philippines. And so, after five years from the year 1978, where Avon first comes to the Philippines that Avon Product Manufacturing Incorporated (APMI) was built. It was located at Batino, Calamba, Laguna. It is where you can see for yourself how our products are made, tested and packed prior for its delivery nationwide. APMI is open to all who are interested to come and visit our company as long as you get the permit from where you are connected to any avon branches. Avon Cosmetics manufactures not only CFTproducts but also Non- Cosmetics, Non-Fragrances,and Non- Toiletries (NCFT) as well. This is because Avon wants to meet all the other needs of their clients regardless of their ages and genders and also to go along with our competitors. To date, Avon has their intimate apparels, Mens club, Childrens Apparels, Gifts and Decors, Accessories, Jewelries and wellness product. Avon also ties up with Fila, Adidas, And1, Timex and Casio watch. This is the reason why Avon becomes successful in terms of direct selling. As much as possible, the company wants to give us what we need not only for the women but for the whole family as well.
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