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Avon is known worldwide because of our product, thus making Avon a World-class products.
Avon products consists of 3 categories:
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A. Beauty Category - Cosmetics, Fragrances and Toiletries (CFT)

This consists of our COSMETICS, from Skin care and make-up. FRAGRANCES from our Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, Purse Concentre, Pocket Edition down to splash cologne. Our TOILETRIES like our deodorants, hand and body lotion and footworks.

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B. Beauty Plus - Non-Cosmetics, Non-Fragrances, Non-Toiletries (NCFT)

This consists of our Non bottled products Intimate Apparels like panty, girdles, brassieres, Mens Club like briefs, and undershirts, Childrens Apparel like childrens wear and undergarments, Gifts and Decors, Toilet cleaner,Accessories and jewelries.

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C. Beyond Beauty - Wellness product

This consists of our vita advance vitamins from Roche Philippines, and all the other wellness products related for our health.

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D. Alliance - Fila, Adidas, And1, Timex and Casio

This consist of Fila products from bags, shoes, bags, cap and others. Adidas sporting goods like rubber shoes, sandals and shirts. Timex and Casio wathces for him and for her

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E. The Avon Business Cycle

Find Customers - A business cannot grow without customers
B. Present the Brochures - Avon has 2 brochures in a month book 1 is from 1-15 and book 2 16-31
C. Pick up Orders - Purchasing from the supermarket of Avon from the branch where you are registered
Deliver and Collect - This is the time where you will deliver your purchases to your customers, also to get payments
E. Remit to AVON - Upon payment of your customers, remit it to Avon so your business will continue. Keep your earnings.

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F. AVON Earning Opportunity

There are two ways to earn in Avon
1. Personal Selling - This is where you earn from your personal visit and selling to your customers. You will earn an automatic 25% discount from the amount of any avon product your customers purchased from you. Upon the attainment of more than 1,000 purchases within the month, you are also entitled for an additional earnings of 5% and up depending on the total purchases you have made within the period of 1 month. Products like Fila, Adidas, And1, Timex and Casio watch will only entitles a franchise dealer of 10% discount only since these products where not manufactured by Avon.
2. Group Selling - This is where you earn the 25% discount from your personal sales and an FD Earnings from the group sales. The higher the amount purchases made by your CBCs, is the higher the FD discount rate you could get from their individual sales. The more CBCs you have, is the bigger the FD Discounts and the bigger your earnings as well.

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